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New Revenue!

Content migrations provide you the benifit of new revenue for both the service and the new hosting platform! Don't forget to add site backups.

Save Time

By having us perform the migration, it will save the customer time from doing so themselves and ensure it is done properly and efficiently so that the customer can run their business!

Better Performance

Not only will we do the work and move the files, but the new platform will serve the customers website much better - giving faster and smoother performance.

Easily Managed

The new cPanel interface is much easier to navigate and manage, if you have a developer they will prefer this and if you are managing on your own - it is simple enough to get the job done!
  • Were you aware that we have newer hosting platforms that will save you money and perform better for your website?.
    CDT Rep
  • Do you know how your site is currently performing for your customers?
    CDT Rep
  • You are on an older platform, our new hosting is more up to date & runs faster. This will also be cheaper than renewing your current plan.
    CDT Rep

Content Migrations

The beginning steps...

Use your resources to make sure that the customers website is actually being hosted on their GoDaddy server. There are times when the domain is attached to the hosting plan, but DNS is pointed to a third party hosting. Check DNS
Let's face it, most of our customers have no idea how their site is built. Knowing this will help you consult towards the proper hosting plan for the customer. Check 'Built With'
Hopefully DNS is with us and we know how the website is built, now we can get the shopping cart ready to process the order. Load up the hosting plan and content migration fee. Don't process this yet! We will get to that later.
*If the framework shows as ASP.NET - the customer will need a windows hosting plan.
If this is a migration from a third party host the customer needs to provide the following: Hosting provider & control panel URL to login to the hosting (domain.tld/cpanel) as well as the username and password to login. They will also need to give us their application username and password (if thats how the site is built - ie. wordpress).

Continuing On

Moving forward...

Process The Sale
Setup The New Hosting Plan

Make sure you set the new hosting plan up on a temporary domain! such as 'new.domain.tld'
We do this so the current site stays live during the migration process. Setup Guide

Complete Migration Ticket

Go to MIGRATEU and fill out the information needed to complete the migration request ticket.

Wrap Time

Finish up the call by reviewing with the customer what was done and setting expectations on next steps moving forward!

Check Out The migration walkthrough

Watch and Learn - Sometimes its easier to just see it done!

Watch the video

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